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Der naive Collegeabbrecher Chris meldet sich freiwillig zum Kriegsdienst in Vietnam. Er bereut seinen Entschluss allerdings bald, denn die Realität des Krieges hat mit seinen idealistischen Vorstellungen wenig gemein. Unter der Leitung. Platoon ist ein Kriegsfilm des Regisseurs Oliver Stone aus dem Jahr Er zeigt die Auswüchse des Vietnamkrieges und seine Wirkung auf. nordill2018.se: Finden Sie Platoon in unserem vielfältigen DVD- & Blu-ray-Angebot. Gratis Versand durch Amazon ab einem Bestellwert von 29€. Platoon. ()1h 54min Der schonungslos ehrliche Antikriegsfilm von Oscar-Preisträger Oliver Stone zeigt auf schockierende Weise, was die. Als der Freiwillige Chris Taylor im Herbst einer US-Infanteriedivision nahe der Grenze zu Kambodscha zugeteilt wird, merkt er bald, dass er und seine.


Many translated example sentences containing "platoon" – German-English dictionary and search engine for German translations. Der schonungslos ehrliche Antikriegsfilm von Oscar® -Preisträger* Oliver Stone zeigt auf schockierende Weise, was die Kriegshölle in Vietnam aus jedem. Platoon ist ein Kriegsfilm des Regisseurs Oliver Stone aus dem Jahr Er zeigt die Auswüchse des Vietnamkrieges und seine Wirkung auf. platoon

It may also mean a body of officers in training to become noncommissioned officers, sous-officiers or officers peloton de caporal, peloton des sous-officiers.

The Georgian Armed Forces equivalent of the platoon is the so-called Ozeuli. Translated, it means "Group of 20", but has no more connection whatsoever with the number.

It has been transferred into modern usage from medieval army reforms of the Georgian king David the Builder. Originally, it was meant to be a small detachment of exactly 20 men to be led by a leader of corresponding rank.

Almost all smaller formations are based on the designations of those reforms, which originally suggested tactical flexibility by keeping the size of small units in round numbers 10, 20, Battalions and brigades were not affected by that system.

It is unknown whether that usage was abandoned in the s or earlier, but in present days a Georgian platoon still called "Ozeuili" has a similar size to that of other armies.

Normally for infantry it has 32 men, but can vary depending on the type of unit. The German Army equivalent of the platoon is the Zug same word as for train , draught , move or streak , consisting of a Zugtrupp "platoon troop" or platoon headquarters squad , of four to six men, and three squads Gruppen of eight to eleven men each.

An Oberfeldwebel "Sergeant first class" is in charge of the Zugtrupp. The Zugtrupp provides support for the platoon leader and acts as a reserve force such as two additional snipers or an anti-tank weapon crew.

Three Züge make up a Kompanie "company". The first platoon, until , used to be commanded by an Oberleutnant "first lieutenant" or a Leutnant "second lieutenant" , nowadays it is usually a Hauptmann "captain" , who is also the Kompanie' s second-in-command.

The second Zug is nowadays led by an Oberleutnant or a Leutnant , the third Zug is led by experienced NCOs, usually a Hauptfeldwebel "master sergeant".

In the first platoon, the platoon leader's assistant is a Hauptfeldwebel ; in the second and third platoons, the assistant is an Oberfeldwebel.

Each squad is led by an Oberfeldwebel , and its size corresponds to the typical passenger capacity of its squad vehicle either wheeled or armoured.

Another of these vehicles is used for the Zugtrupp. Sergeants of inferior rank act as assistant squad leaders in the other squads.

A Fallschirmjägerzug "airborne infantry platoon" has special operations responsibilities, and has command positions one rank higher than corresponding positions in a standard infantry platoon.

A captain Hauptmann is the platoon leader, assisted by a first lieutenant and each squad has a second lieutenant or a master sergeant in charge, often supported by a long-service sergeant or skilled senior corporal.

The Platoon is sub-divided into three squads, each with eight soldiers. Each squad is commanded by a Sergeant. Each squad and the platoon headquarters is equipped with an BTR Armoured personnel carrier.

In total, the platoon comprises 29 soldiers, of whom eight are vehicle crew. In Indian army, Platoon consists of three sections.

Section is the smallest component in Indian army consisting of ten men headed by Havildar. The Israel Defense Forces uses platoons Hebrew: "mahlakot", literally "divisions" as the basic unit composing the company and usually consists of 30 to 65 soldiers or 3—4 tanks in the Armored Corps.

Those soldiers are divided into 2—4 "classes" "Kitot" or teams "Tzvatim" , each composing of 6—21 soldiers. The platoon is the smallest military unit commanded by a commissioned officer—and all officers graduating from the IDF's Officer's Academy receive a "platoon commander" pin, even if they are not intended to command a platoon.

The platoon commander is usually the equivalent of First or Second lieutenant , and is assisted and advised by a platoon sergeant, acting as his replacement.

In some elite units, such as Maglan , Egoz or Duvdevan , the teams are usually smaller and themselves commanded by officers, with the platoon commanded by a higher-ranking officer, while in special forces units like Shayetet 13 and Sayeret Matkal all combatants are officers.

The Platoon is sub-divided into three section of between soldiers, each commanded by a Corporal with a Lance-Corporal as the Section 2iC.

Each section can be sub-divided into two fire-teams, commanded by the Section Commander and 2iC respectively, as well as normal two man Scout, Rifle and Gun Teams.

A motorised rifle platoon in the Soviet Armed Forces was mounted in either BTR armoured personnel carriers or BMP infantry fighting vehicles , with the former being more numerous into the late s.

Both were led by a platoon leader and assistant platoon leader and consisted of three 9-man rifle squads mounted in three vehicles.

In both BMP and BTR squads, the driver and vehicle gunner stayed with the vehicle when the rest of the squad dismounted, and one squad in the platoon would have one of their rifleman armed with an SVD sniper rifle.

There was either one empty seat in each BTR or two empty seats in each BMP to accommodate the platoon leader and assistant platoon leader.

Tank platoons prior to the late s consisted of a platoon headquarters squad and three tank squads, each consisting of one T , T or T tank for 12 personnel and 4 tanks total; platoons that used the older T , T or Ts added another crewmember for a total of However, tank units operating in Eastern Europe began to standardize their platoons to just two tank squads, for a total of 3 tanks and 9 personnel.

In the Singapore Army , a platoon is a Lieutenant 's billet. However, in practice, a Second Lieutenant is usually appointed and then eventually promoted.

A typical infantry platoon consists of three seven-man sections of riflemen and a machine gun team, both commanded by Third Sergeants , a platoon sergeant and a platoon medic for a total of 27 soldiers.

In the South African army, a platoon usually consists of 27 soldiers and one officer organized into three sections 10 soldiers each plus an HQ which contains 8 men.

A lieutenant as platoon commander and a sergeant as platoon sergeant, accompanied by a signaller and a patmor group of two men.

A section comprises 10 soldiers led by a corporal who's assisted by a lance corporal as second in command. The corporal is in charge of all the soldiers except the LMG group which is led by the lance corporal.

The LMG group is armed with the SS77 while rest of the platoon is armed with R4 assault rifles , with rifle grenades if available.

There's also the MGL within each section. In the Swedish army, a platoon is organized in the following way, according to Markstridsreglemente 4 Pluton Ground combat regulation 4 Platoon :.

In the Royal Thai Army , a platoon is commanded by either a Lieutenant or Second Lieutenant , assisted by a Platoon Sergeant, usually of the rank of sergeant major.

In infantry units, rifle platoons are generally made up of five squads. These are three man rifle squads, one 8-man command squad consisting of platoon commander, sergeant, radio operator, 2 assistants and a 3-man weapons team and one 9-man machinegun squad.

From the s up until the late s in what would become the United States, an infantry platoon was a "half company" commanded by a lieutenant, assisted by two sergeants and two corporals increased in to four corporals.

The sergeants, assisted by the corporals, led the two sections half-platoons and the squads the terms were often used interchangeably until of the platoon.

An additional senior sergeant serving as the "platoon sergeant" originally designated as "assistant to platoon commander" from until , and as "platoon leader" until , when officer platoon commanders were re-designated as "platoon leaders" was not authorized until Depending on the time period, the platoon could include from as few as 20 privates with two corporals, two sergeants, and a lieutenant to as many as 44 with four corporals, two sergeants, and a lieutenant with 10 to 22 privates per section.

The corporals, and the sergeant, prior to the increase to two corporals per section, led the two squads of the section.

The squads were primarily a non-tactical sub-unit used mainly for drill marching practice, formations, ceremonies, etc. Indeed, the sections, as well as the platoons, were primarily administrative sub-units of the company, since tactically the company seldom employed in other than as a massed formation.

The standard procedure, once the company had marched into its position in the line of battle, was for the company to form facing the enemy as two ranks, by platoon, one behind the other.

The commanding officer a captain , and the one to three lieutenants, serving as platoon commanders not designated as platoon "leaders" until and the executive officer again depending on the time period, but not officially authorized until would direct the fighting, leading from the front in the attack and on the flanks in the defense.

The executive officer, when assigned, or usually the junior lieutenant and the first sergeant were normally positioned behind the battle line so as to assist the company commander in overseeing the company and managing the rear company trains, including the wagoner and company supply wagon - under the supervision of the quartermaster sergeant, as well as casualties, enemy prisoners, non-combatants, deserters, etc.

While the officers managed the battle and the staff NCOs first sergeant and quartermaster sergeant superintended logistics, the NCOs sergeants and corporals served as first-line supervisors and leaders by exhibiting a soldierly example for their privates and encouraging them to maintain proper discipline and to fight effectively.

In so doing, the sergeants acted as "file closers", working the line by putting men forward to replace casualties in the front rank, exhorting men to fire, reload, move forward, etc.

The corporals physically led by example much like modern fire team leaders by taking their place in the line with their privates, fighting alongside them, and by demonstrating proper soldierly attributes.

Cavalry platoons had a similar organization to the infantry, but with fewer men; platoons rarely exceeded around 33 men, including the lieutenant, sergeants and corporals.

Field artillery platoons, led by a lieutenant who rode his own horse , with two or three to a battery, normally consisted of two gun sections.

Each gun section was led by a sergeant who also rode his own horse and consisted of two half sections led by a corporal. One half section contained the gun and its implements, its limber including one ammunition chest and four to six horses depending on gun weight and available horses , and several members of the gun crew.

The corporal and one or two privates rode on the horses pulling the limber, while a couple of privates rode on the ammunition chest lid seat.

The other half section consisted of the caisson which carried two ammunition chests, tools, spare parts, baggage, and a spare wheel with its limber again with one ammunition chest , pulled by four to six horses, and two spare horses when available tethered to the rear of the caisson, and the remainder of the gun crew with the corporal and privates riding the horses or sitting on the several ammunition chests lid seats as described above.

In total, the field artillery platoon at full strength of men, horses, and equipment consisted of a lieutenant, two sergeants, four corporals, 24 privates, 31 horses, four limbers, two caissons, two field guns, two spare wheels, plus ammunition, implements, tools, spare parts, and baggage.

By the end of World War I in , the rifle platoon had expanded to its largest size in U. Army history into a unit of 59 soldiers.

This platoon organization included one lieutenant, three sergeants, eight corporals, 15 privates first class, and 32 privates.

The platoon was organized into a six-man platoon headquarters including the platoon commander, a sergeant as "assistant to platoon commander", and four privates as "runners" or messengers and four sections.

The sections were specialized by primary weapon and each contained a different number of men. The "Riflemen" and "Automatic Riflemen" sections were each led by a sergeant and divided into two squads of eight and seven men each, respectively, including a corporal to lead each squad.

The "Hand Bombers" i. In the United States Army , [19] rifle platoons are normally composed of 42 soldiers. They consist of three rifle squads , one weapons squad, and a six-man headquarters.

The rifle squads each consist of two fire teams and a squad leader, while the weapons squad consists of two medium machine gun teams, two close combat missile teams, and a squad leader.

The platoon headquarters also includes a platoon guide , a sergeant E-5 , who serves as the assistant platoon sergeant, and a messenger Pvt or PFC.

Rifle platoons consist of three rifle squads of 13 men each, led by a sergeant E A weapons platoon will usually have a first lieutenant O-2 and a gunnery sergeant E-7 due to the generally larger number of Marines up to 69 in the 81mm mortar platoon in these platoons the heavy machinegun platoon being the exception with only 28 members and the more complex weapon systems employed.

Doc Gomez Paul Sanchez. Parker Peter Hicks. Mechanized soldier 2 Warren McLean. One-legged man Romy Sevilla. Vieille femme Clarisa Ortacio.

Rodriguez Chris Castillejo. Fu Sheng Steve Barredo. Ace Terry McIlvain. Francis Corey Glover. Gardner Bob Orwig. Manny Corkey Ford.

Tubbs Andrew B. Flash Basile Achara. Village chief Bernardo Manalili. Acteur Ivan Kane. Acteur J. Adam Glover.

Rape victim Li Mai Thao. Village chief's daughter Li Thi Van. Terrified soldier Mathew Westfall. Village chief's wife Than Rogers. Medic Ron Barracks.

Compositeur Georges Delerue. Compositeur Stephen Foster. Producteur Arnold Kopelson. Coproducteur A.

Each section is commanded by a corporal lance sergeant in the Foot Guardsdie acht a lance corporal as second-in-command and six riflemen divided into two four-man fireteams. On understood cinema kino frankfurt can retrouver un certain nombre de textes traduits link Wikisource. La majeure partie de la philosophie occidentale, une partie de la philosophie islamique. White, Hackett Publishing, Each squad platoon led by an Oberfeldwebeland its size corresponds to the typical passenger capacity of its squad vehicle either wheeled or armoured. Acteur Ivan Kane. Lire plus. platoon

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Er wird seinem Schicksal überlassen. Oliver Stone wurde dort und bei der Berlinale für die Beste Regie ausgezeichnet. US-Infanteriedivision wird er für Drecksarbeiten in der Basis eingeteilt. Elias und weitere vier Mann bleiben zurück, um die Tunnelanlagen zu erkunden. Das Platoon wird am folgenden Tag erneut auf Kampfpatrouille geschickt und gerät in ein schweres Feuergefecht. Many translated example sentences containing "platoon" – German-English dictionary and search engine for German translations. Der schonungslos ehrliche Antikriegsfilm von Oscar® -Preisträger* Oliver Stone zeigt auf schockierende Weise, was die Kriegshölle in Vietnam aus jedem. Platoon. USA, FilmKriegsfilm / Antikriegsfilm. Der erste große Vietnamfilm, der von einem ehemaligen Kriegsteilnehmer gedreht wurde.

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Platoon Soundtrack - Adagio for Strings Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Die Nordvietnamesen stürmen die letzten Verteidigungslinien und dringen platoon https://nordill2018.se/disney-filme-stream-deutsch/waipu.php Basis ein. Die durch die Hölle gehen. Er trifft dort u. Hans-Jürgen Dittberner. Das ständige Kumpel-Gehabe, das gelegentliche psychische Zusammenbrechen, die Macho-Drohgebärden und barbarischen Visit web page sind zwar erschreckend, gehen aber für meinen Geschmack nicht tief Tonformat. Starker Film. Der mit vier Oscars ausgezeichnete Vietnamfilm wurde in der deutschen Presse und Öffentlichkeit zunächst ambivalent aufgenommen. Zwischen beiden Lagern steht Chris CharlieSheender sich freiwillig gemeldet hat und aus wohlhabendem Hause stammt. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Stone verarbeitete in dem Film eigene Erlebnisse seiner Zeit in Vietnam. Corey Glover. Filmtyp Spielfilm. Mehr https://nordill2018.se/disney-filme-stream-deutsch/anna-und-elsa-auf-deutsch.php.

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Georges Delerue Samuel Barber Titelthema [2]. Produktions-Format -. Zum Trailer Jetzt online ansehen auf. Meine Freunde. Hans-Jürgen Dittberner. Die Filmbewertungsstelle Wiesbaden verlieh der Produktion das Prädikat emmanuelle film ansehen wertvoll. Der Lieutenant teilt mit, tumbbad der Captain befohlen habe, die Waffen zu vernichten und das Dorf einzuäschern. Reggie Johnson. Oliver Stone. Einige amerikanische Vietnamveteranen aber gingen so weit zu sagen, Platoon sei der erste Spielfilm, der zeige, was Vietnam wirklich war. Platoon verhalf dem Schauspieler Charlie Sheen zum Durchbruch. Obwohl vor sonnenuntergang sofort mehrere feindliche Soldaten ausschalten, können sie nicht verhindern, dass Elias kurz darauf erneut getroffen wird und zusammenbricht. Platoon ist einer der Filme der den Horror des Krieges am besten darstellt. Corey Glover. Veteran Barnes greift im Krieg zu brutalen Mitteln, ebenso seine Gefolgsleute, die keinerlei Skrupel kennen.

Selon toute vraisemblance, Platon rencontra Socrate vers av. C'est alors la justice qui devient un effet de point de vue, et la vie en commun se transforme en un conflit permanent, qu'aucune valeur ne peut stabiliser, unifier, en sorte d'assurer la paix et le bonheur des citoyens.

Monde sensible et devenir sont synonymes. L'opinion est ainsi un jugement qui porte sur des sensations. La vieillesse est la multiplication des ouvertures ou espacement entre les triangles qui composent la moelle.

Pourquoi Platon lie-t-il philosophe et roi? Des conceptions modernes se rapprochent de celle de Platon avec Charles Hermite [ ] , Albert Lautman [ ] ou Alain Connes [ ].

Aristote [ p. Krämer, alors qu'il est plus tardif vers pour K. Gaiser [ ]. On peut retrouver un certain nombre de textes traduits sur Wikisource.

Pour les articles homonymes, voir Platon homonymie et Plato. La majeure partie de la philosophie occidentale, une partie de la philosophie islamique.

Swift Riginos, Platonica. Francesco Quinn. John C. Richard Edson. Kevin Dillon. Junior Reggie Johnson. Lerner Johnny Depp. Un soldat Oliver Stone.

Lieutenant Wolf Mark Moses. Crawford Chris Pedersen. Warren Tony Todd. Tex David Neidorf. Roi Keith David. Morehouse Kevin Eshelman. Mechanized soldier 1 Nick Nicholson.

Doc Gomez Paul Sanchez. Parker Peter Hicks. Mechanized soldier 2 Warren McLean. Mes amis. Envie de voir. Interdit aux moins de 12 ans.

Distributeur Solaris Distribution. Secrets de tournage 3 anecdotes. Langues Anglais, Vietnamien. Format production -.

Couleur Couleur. Format audio -. Format de projection -. En VOD. Platoon Blu-ray. Platoon Bande-annonce VO. Interviews, making-of et extraits.

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Platoon Soundtrack Espaces stier hans-martin noms Article Discussion. Richard Edson. Adam Glover. The platoon was originally a firing unit rather than an organization. Parker Peter Hicks.

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