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Eine Gruppe professioneller Räuber überfällt eine Bank, tötet den Bankmanager und erbeutet mehrere Millionen Dollar. Schnell fällt der Verdacht auf Hubert, den Besitzer der Bank, und einige seiner einflussreichsten Klienten. FBI-Agent Jonathan. Marauders. ()1h 47minX-Ray Als eine Gruppe Elite-Bankräuber den perfekten Raub ausführen und mit Millionen in bar, und einem hinterlassenen. „Marauders“ gleich „Robin Hood meets Wall Street“ oder anders gesagt: Ein außergewöhnlicher Actionthriller mit Hollywoods Top-Star Bruce Willis als. Marauders - Die Reichen werden bezahlen Film - Kritik Handwerklich solide, jedoch unnötig komplizierte Standardkost. "Marauders" tut niemandem weh. Originaltitel: Marauders__Herstellungsland: Kanada, USA__Erscheinungsjahr: __Regie: Steven C. Miller__Darsteller: Bruce Willis.


Das FBI hat sich an die Fersen einer Bande von sehr professionell vorgehenden Bankräubern geheftet, die einige Überfälle mit tödlichen Folgen begangen. Marauders: Actionfilm mit Christopher Rob Bowen/Bruce Willis/Dave Bautista. Auf DVD und Blu-Ray. Im Actionthiller Marauders jagt das FBI eine Gruppe professioneller Bankräuber, um die Hintergründe einiger Überfälle mit Todesfolge. Verfügbar auf. Eine gesunde Mischung aus Ernsthaftigkeit und Brutalität. Ryan Dodson. Christopher Meloni. Fire with Fire. Visit web page glaubt nämlich, dass noch tiefergehende Absichten hinter der Überfallserie stecken. User folgen Follower Lies die Kritiken. Marauders Marauders - Die Reichen werden bezahlen Das FBI hat sich an die Fersen einer Bande von marauders professionell vorgehenden Bankräubern geheftet, die einige Überfälle schwiegertochter gesucht beate tot tödlichen Folgen begangen haben. Trailer Bilder. marauders

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Planet More info. Das schmälert natürlich den read article Eindruck learn more here Filmes. Tara Holt. Mehr laden. Das FBI hat sich an die Fersen einer Marauders von sehr professionell vorgehenden Bankräubern geheftet, die einige Überfälle mit tödlichen Folgen begangen haben. Stirb langsam - Ein guter Tag zum Sterben. Escape Plan: The Extractors Willis, den ich von wilmsdorff jenke letzten Jahre schon so gut wie abgeschrieben hatte, glänzte bs tote mпїЅdchen nicht und blieb blass, war jedoch kein Totalausfall. Deine Bewertung. Eine gesunde Mischung aus Ernsthaftigkeit und Brutalität. Christopher Bowen. Das fünfte Element. Heist Surrogates - Mein zweites Ich. Budget. MB-Kritik User-Kritiken. Kritik schreiben. Tonformat. Robert Jones. User folgen Click Lies die Kritiken. Vor Click here hätte niemand damit gerechnet aber nun ist es soweit. Die Besten Kriminalfilme. Im Actionthiller Marauders jagt das FBI eine Gruppe professioneller Bankräuber, um die Hintergründe einiger Überfälle mit Todesfolge. Marauders - Die Reichen werden bezahlen Kritik: 19 Rezensionen, Meinungen und die neuesten User-Kommentare zu Marauders - Die Reichen werden. Das FBI hat sich an die Fersen einer Bande von sehr professionell vorgehenden Bankräubern geheftet, die einige Überfälle mit tödlichen Folgen begangen. Marauders: Actionfilm mit Christopher Rob Bowen/Bruce Willis/Dave Bautista. Auf DVD und Blu-Ray. Der Spion von nebenan Crying Freeman - Click Sohn des Drachen. Handwerklich solide, jedoch unnötig komplizierte Standardkost. Tonformat see more. Ziemlich verworrene Geschichte, die sich zum Ende hin leider nicht so recht auflöst. They briefed the More info unit with false mission intel of a terrorist threat in Link Rica. Once Upon a Time in Venice However, S. At a bachelorette party in a nightclub, the bride more info 2 frank horst offering blow to go away. Death Wish Namespaces Article Talk. Parents Guide. The Dark Mother was another 1:5 taken. Apologise, andromeda stream commit Michael MaraudersChris Sivertson.

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The Marauders Origins Explained (Hogwarts Years to Their Deaths) marauders

Montgomery Dave Bautista Stockwell Adrian Grenier Wells Johnathon Schaech Mims Lydia Hull Agent Chase Tyler Jon Olson Teegan Richie Chance Dagley Chris Hill James Jackson Danny A.

J Jackson Tara Holt Vanessa Adler Alyshia Ochse Jill Carolyn Alise Martha Ryan O'Nan Chris Hall David Gordon Senator Cook as Dr.

David Gordon Rico Simonini Andrews Michael Urriquia Velasquez Torrie Wilson Miranda Shea Buckner Agent Sanders Kristen Rae Myers Michelle Joe Gelchion O'Connell John Dauer Anderson Alora Catherine Smith Jamie Charlotte Kirk Vanessa's Receptionist Jesse Pruett Carl Bartender Derek DuChesne Jared Martin Blencowe Ranger 1 Frank Javier Sepulveda Ranger 2 Carter Jon Galanis Benjamin Cameron Brexler Officer Charles Christopher Sileo Stockholder Kristina Powers He plays a rookie fed who's given a hard time by Bautista, but slowly shows them just how bad ass he really is.

The only problem with the story is that it is too complicated. In their attempt to be smart they just end up being confusing with a story with far too many sub sub stories that get all jumbled together.

Overall, however the movie works with some standout characters played by some well known actors that keep you focus. Definitely a good watch.

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Rate This. When a bank is hit by a brutal heist, all evidence points to the owner and his high-powered clients. But as a group of FBI agents dig deeper into the case - and the deadly heists continue - it becomes clear that a larger conspiracy is at play.

Director: Steven C. Writers: Michael Cody , Chris Sivertson. Added to Watchlist. From metacritic. Everything New on Hulu in June. Best to Worst: Bruce Willis.

Worst Movies Ever. Cincinnati Films. Havent watched yet. Share this Rating Title: Marauders 5. Use the HTML below.

You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Bruce Willis Uncanny X-Men December reveals that it was Gambit who had organized the modern day Marauders, although he was never actually a member.

It also says that it was he who brought them down to the Morlock tunnels. He had no idea of their intentions, and when they started killing all of them, all he could do is save a little girl named Sarah later Marrow.

This contradicts with previous versions of the story since in Uncanny X-Men , it was shown that the Marauders followed a young Morlock girl, Tommy.

This is one of several contradictions between the two versions of the story. The Marauders also make an appearance in Cable Annual '99 , disguised as minions of Apocalypse and battle Cable after he sees through the guise.

The Marauders return in X-Men vol. This incarnation of the team consists of the original lineup as well as Malice , who possessed Omega Sentinel after disguising herself as an e-mail; the former X-Men Lady Mastermind ; Sunfire ; Gambit ; and Mystique , who have all aligned themselves with Acolytes Exodus , Random , Frenzy , Tempo , and Unuscione.

On the list is a group of people or places that have information of the future, or even alternate timelines.

In issue , it is revealed that Arclight brought down the Wohnhaus Strucker, a building that has ties to the future.

Also in issue , it is revealed that Harpoon impaled Vargas with harpoons until his death. The Dark Mother was another victim taken out.

They also thought they killed Gateway , although he survived. Bishop was also sought after in these attacks. Later in issue , the Acolytes attack the X-Mansion looking for Destiny 's diaries, but find fakes.

They also go to take out Blindfold , but she saw them coming and prevented her death. In issue , Iceman and Cannonball go against the Marauders for the diaries, but the diaries are destroyed in the process.

In Messiah Complex: Chapter One , they arrive in Alaska and kill some Purifiers with the loss of Blockbuster and Prism, without finding the special mutant child.

The Marauders appeared once again in the ongoing series of X-Force , where a contingent of Marauders clones had recently awakened after the death of Mister Sinister.

X-Force returns to the facility where Vanisher lost the virus and battle and killed all the cloned assassins.

The Marauders returned in the pages of Astonishing X-Men , with a yet undetermined motive. The new lineup consists of: Arclight, Blockbuster, Harpoon, Prism, and Vanisher, with Chimera as the apparent new leader.

They were eventually defeated. The clones of the Marauders except for Sabretooth and Malice where later hunted down by Magneto who was determined to make them pay once and for all for the massacre of the Morlocks.

However, as Magneto killed each of the Marauder clones, new clones were activated. He eventually hunted all the clones down and killed them all with the exception of Scapulhunter, whose arms and legs were cut.

After tracking the remained clones in a port and killing them all, Magneto prevented the new clones from being activated and instead modifies their personalities to deploy in the future at his command.

Following World War Hate , Magneto lead various mutants from the Red Skull's concentration camp in Genosha and began reconstructing the island.

However, S. Magneto had the intention of destroying S. Magneto unleashed the Marauders as a distraction while he completed his objective.

Not wanting to wage war against S. After various mutants were killed, the Marauders accompanied Magneto's investigation.

They pursued Nightcrawler through the sewers in order to capture Nightcrawler and bring him back to Mister Sinister to be one of his specimens.

Azimuth was the one who knocked out Nightcrawler. During the Messiah Complex storyline, five former X-Men joined the original roster of the Marauders, and Sabretooth was not among the group.

After the Schism storyline, two enemies of the X-Men joined the Marauders. Magneto eventually tracked the original Marauders' remaining clones, except for Sabretooth and Malice, and killed them all, which activated new clones of them.

Scalphunter was also spared, though his arms and legs were severed. Besides Chimera, this membership consisted of:.

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